Eugene Perera


Location: London

My practice is an enquiry into divergent manifestations of value – aesthetic, economic, symbolic and the personal – and the alchemical moments in which ‘re-valuations of value’ are revealed. Such moments are associated with the exercise of power, the operations of chance and the perception of risk.

What are the processes of value creation? What is risk and what do we mean when we ask what is at stake? How does the relationship between the aesthetic and economic play out? And how is a fragile subjectivity and bodily presence implicated within impersonal flows of global capital?

I aim to explore these questions through a practice that is wilfully nomadic, operating across the fields of sculpture, video, collage, photography, installation and the performative.


2008 Expo (Sonic Arts Network), Brighton Media Centre, UK
2008 British Composer Awards (BBC Radio 3), Law Society, London
2009 Firing The Canon, Goldsmiths Gallery, London
2009 Q-Art, APT Gallery, London
2009 Siberia Film, Whirledart Cinema, London
2009 Glastonbury Festival, TAA venue, UK
2009 Botoxed 69, C22, London
2009 Alternative Risk Transfer, Rag Factory, London
2009 A.R.T., Old Police Station, London
2010 A.R.T., Whitechapel Gallery, London
2010 Art Car Boot Fair, London
2010 Miniscule, Oblong Gallery, London
2010 Movable Space, Oliver Gallery, (CCA), Oakland, USA
2010 A.R.T., Transition Gallery, London
2010 Big Deal No 3, The Collective, London
2011 Taking The Matter, Mews Project Space, London
2011 Goldsmiths Fine Art BA Degree Show
2013 Time Is Love, Mori&Stein Gallery, London
2013 Time Is Love, Sazmanab Project, Tehran, Iran
2013 Time Is Love, Foundation 3.14, Bergen, Norway