Erin O'Connor


Location: London

I am a painter living and working in London. I studied art at Glasgow School of Art and at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. I have shown paintings in the UK, Hungary adn the United States.I make work about love, focusing not on the erotic but on different types of relationship with an exploration of desire, personal identity and longing. I make small figurative paintings as a means of creating an intimacy, working on them with small delicate marks that reflect my feelings of tenderness and longing for the image. I explore ideas of relationships both between and within the images including my personal relationship to the image and the viewer. My work is largely autobiographical, I often paint from images of my family. For me it has always been essential to remember myself as the central connection between each of my artworks and to acknowledge my own thwarted desires.


Solo Shows
September 2007 Northern Rock Foundation Gallery, Erin O'Connor, Newcastle, UK
Group Shows
February 2011, Jeannie Avant, Drawn Together, London
October 2009, Chinese Characters Gallery, Eszter Szabó, Caterina Lewis and Erin O'Connor, Budapest, Hungary
August 2009, Globe Gallery, Studio Clear out!, Newcastle, UK
April 2009, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Flash Company, London, UK
February 2009, Empire Gallery, Private Practice (part 2), London, UK
December 2008, Rivington Place Gallery, Invigilators, London, UK
September 2008, Chinese Characters gallery, Private Practice (part 1), Budapest, Hungary
February 2008, Oxo Towers, Bargehouse, This Constant Cracking Surface, London, UK
November 2006, Cluny Gallery, The Octopus Tree, Newcastle, UK
April 2002, Vic Gallery, Katrina McEvoy and Erin O'Connor, Glasgow, UK