erifili missiou



Erifili’s practice is emphasizing the Process and is strongly related to the element of Space. Collaboration and its attached concepts (identification, duality, mirroring etc) are also at the core of her inquiry. The dialogue between her and other artists informs her research and defines the outcome of her artwork.

She is interested in human consciousness and perception. She investigates this area by focusing on oppositional pairs: Inside/ Outside, Freedom/ Incarceration, Familiar/ Uncanny, Introversion/Extroversion etc. She focuses on their in between border whilst questioning its existence. The existence or absence of borders/limits/boundaries is central to her work.

Erifili is a mixed medium artist that has gradually focused on making videos. She is currently working with actors and performers on her own scripts and improvising. She often employs humor to communicate her ideas.

Her creative process is a combination of intellect and intuition. In between projects she is creating pieces that seem unconnected. Space together with her interaction with the people involved in a project, bring her research together and direct her final solution.


• “HOUSERULES 2”, performance, Hampstead Heath, London (June 2014)
• “HOUSERULES”, video installation, East India, London, Anchorage House(February 2014)
• “The Grey Cube Platform”, double video projection, Greece, (August 2013)
• “Grey Cube”, video projection, ART ATHINA, Athens, Greece (May 2013)
• “ResidencyShot”, video installation, GlogauAir institute, Kreuzberg, Berlin, (March 2013)
• “Heygate estate – Pullens estate”, 2 sculptures, Heygate Estate – Pullens Estate, Elephant and Castle, London, (October 2012)
• “PORK II”, 1 site-specific installation, The Marlborough, Camberwell London, (November 2011).
• “PORK”, 2 site-specific installations, Bermondsey Space SE1, London,
(August 2011).
• “Lambeth Open”, work in progress - installation, Space Studios, London, (December 2010).
• “Intersections”, participated with a collage, The Nunnery, London, (February 2009)
• “UNDEFINE ARTS”, 2 sculptures, Lamprou Katsoni 26, Athens, Greece (October 2008).
• “Angels of Vathis”, sculpture, Nea Ionia 31, Athens, Greece (June 2008).
• “Votanikos”, painting-sculpture, Piraeus street 64, Athens, Greece (October 2007).
• “Kipseli exhibition”, installation, Old Market of Kipseli, Athens, Greece (January 2007).
• “Zaimi apartment”, installation, Zaimi 51 center of Athens, Greece (December 2006).
• “Digital Freaks”, participated with a video, Technopolis-Gazi area, Athens, Greece (May 2006)