Location: London
Website: www.emporiumofwonder.co.uk

Enver Gürsev is a painter and sculptor, born to Cypriot parents in London in 1968.
Gürsev's paintings and sculptures revere forsaken environments and imbue opulence to mundane abandoned landscapes, which once sustained a society. Although on the periphery of human existence, these landscapes still sustain a life of their very own albeit in the spectral spaces they inhabit. His work explores memories; personal, collective and at times, assumed, as well as the effect of cultural displacement upon communities.
Gürsev's use of found or discarded material makes a very poignant statement; By including someone else's marks and memories, within his own work, he can literally build on someone else's abandoned thoughts. Re-working someone else's half finished statements to complete his own in whole.
Gürsev was mentored by the late Eduardo Paolozzi and went to study a BA (Hons), Visual Arts, Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts, London (1996).
He has a broad experience of working in the arts with over 60 exhibitions to date and was an active member of 'The Foreign Office' collective of artists from 1996 onwards. Amongst other art projects in 2004 he helped coordinate and run the 'Reconciliation Through the Arts' project; 'The Way We Are', which brought together the work of displaced and re-located children and young people living in the north and the south of Cyprus. In 2009 Gürsev designed and ran a Contemporary Painting short course for ArtsCom and then 'shock painting classes' at the Art in Action festival in Oxford, 2010. He has taken residencies and collaborations with other progressive artists in the USA, Cuba and Cyprus. At present he is an associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London, living and working in London.