Endre Kecso

Website: kecsoendre.com

In fact, I paint dreams because, as Árpád Mezei writes, "The symbolism of dream is identical to all peoples at all times." Furthermore, we know that dream symbols are ambiguous. This wide opening of free association where my works are linked to surrealism. I am convinced that "subjective arbitrariness" is governed by objective laws deep inside, this is the pledge of the effect of art (which is so-called "intelligibility"). Every art communication, symbol system builds on this. It follows that other people resonate with an artist's vision. In general, " Man moves away from the phenomena and lives in a world of his own created symbols." On the other hand, "The I is just a stage and a spectator of the struggle of instincts ", so the expansion, furnishing and dominance of the "stage" is the task of the artist.
My goal: To create direct and lively, rich worlds of imagery, to create images that compete with the media sensations that have a high internal intensity. To create modern art, starting with conventions and traditions. I would like to do paintings that are measurable to the great achievements of the past and stand in a modern, twenty-first century.

2011-2017 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, painter
2007-2011 Artist Colony of Szolnok, preparatory

2011-2017 Károlyi Zsigmond
2007-2011 Verebes György


Exhibitions /personal/

2009- Martfűi Community Center, Martfű HUN
2011- Versegi Ferenc Community Center, Szolnok HUN
2014- Zsókavár Gallery, Budapest HUN
Exhibitions /group/

2011- Körönd gallery, „Sketchup”, Budapest HUN
2012- Hungarian Institute of Prague, „Zim-Zum”, Prague CZH
2013- Martfűi Community Center, „Zim-Zum vol.2”, Zim- Zum Group, Martfű HUN
2013- Artist Colony of Füle, Füle HUN
2013- Kegyeleti museum, Budapest HUN
2014- Mazart gallery, „Pimp my art”, Budapest HUN
2014- Debreceni Élettudományi Központ gallery, Zim- Zum group, Debrecen HUN
2014-Artist Colony of Szolnok, Kert gallery ,,Carpart” Szolnok HUN