Emma Tess Hafstrom

Location: London, UK
Website: https://www.emmatess.com/

Brought up between Sweden, the UK and the US, Emma Tess Håfström is now based in London. Using a variety of techniques, she creates figurative work that explores the mental and emotional human experience.

Keen to decompress taboos around mental health, Emma Tess allows darker influences to inform and inspire her style. Her ink portraits are a twisted impression of herself and an attempt to express the wordless: a feeling, a place, a state of mind. She doesn't give them individual names, but refers to them as the ‘Ink People’.

Encouraged by an artistic family, Emma Tess has occupied her own studio space since her early teens when her grandfather – acclaimed Swedish artist Jan Håfström – made room for her to work in his Stockholm studio. There, she's been free to continue expanding her portfolio, her art growing alongside her and becoming a way of life.

Today, recognizing these early opportunities inspires her urge to motivate younger peers, and she's always keen to share her creative space with friends.

In her native Sweden, Emma Tess has worked alongside prominent, practicing artists such as Sten Wallin and Astrid Sylwan. Engaging with other forms of expression such as photography, music, and writing has seen her collaborate with and take inspiration from a range of creators.

As she continues to learn more about herself as an artist, Emma Tess is studying BA Fine Art at The Art Academy in Southwark.