Elizabeth Joseph

Location: East London
Website: http://elizabethjoseph.london/art

I was born and live in London (my parents are from the Caribbean). I studied 3Dimensional Design, graduating with a Degree in 3D Design from Middlesex University. I organise creative Workshops for young people who have left or are in Foster Care, and I am also developing my own personal artistic artworks which include large scale paintings/collages of Black female icons such as Josephine Baker. Among my influences are Lowry and Matisse. London is always my inspiration, people watching, how people dress is an indication of their own view of the world and I aim to show this variety of outlooks in my artworks.

My dress style is unique, I design and make most of my own clothes, and I believe we should all embrace our individuality, not worrying about what others think - people that criticise us are often actually admiring of our courage.

I love organising creative Workshops - a group of people who don’t know each other is united while making an item such as the personalised Name Necklace Workshop that I run. I also make bespoke wearable art for private clients such as the Artist and Curator, Sue Kreitzman.

I hope to continue organising and running creative Workshops for young people in Foster Care, and young people in East London. I have a new Workshop concept which includes personalising your Name Necklace with colours and shapes from the flag of the country or city the young person identifies with.