Eleanor Johnson

Location: Canonbury, London
Website: www.eleanor-johnson.com

Eleanor Johnson is 22, and is currently based in London. She recently graduated from University College London with a History of Art Degree, and completed a foundation course in fine art at City and Guilds of London Art School. She recently had her first solo exhibition in Shoreditch, and has exhibited in galleries around Oxfordshire. Her work has also appeared in a number of Short Films - one of which won an international Chevrolet Competition.
She works on predominantly large-scale paintings, both abstract and representational. By considering the body and the face, she explores issues of sexuality and various social complexities that underly our contemporary society.
Her portraits explore the growing disconnection we may feel from each other - as technology separates us, whilst it paradoxically works on speeding up connection. Eleanor’s work challenges the artificial imagery used in portraying ourselves and she weaves into her portraits the process and effects of time, looking at the transience of life, and death.


'DISCONNECT', December 2015, Box Studio Shoreditch
Featured in Short Film 'Chevrolet - 366 Days', by Iain Simpson
Artist Residency at 'Artfix' Soho, July-August 2015
'Emerging Artists' (winner), July 2014, Burford Garden Centre Gallery
Live Artist at 'Somewhere_To', Tottenham, August 2015