Doris Hall

Location: Arizona, USA

There's nothing that embodies early adulthood more than the balancing act of going to school and juggling a part-time job on Though some of us might have been working since high school, college operates at a much quicker pace, and your classes will have much more material to cover for exams and papers. It can be a difficult venture, especially if you're in a major that requires a lot of reading, research, and writing. Nevertheless, the seemingly impossible can be overcome, or at least better managed, with these tips on how to maintain your balance without losing your grip.

Manage your time wisely in both spheres
It has always been crucial to manage your time wisely in the context of schoolwork. This time, you'll be bouncing back and forth between two spheres: that of school and that of your job. In regard to the latter, if you had a much more open schedule when you weren't in school, make time to talk with your supervisor about changes that need to be made once the semester starts. You should also make sure to create your list of courses for the next semester early, so it will be easier to change your availability. If you drive, think about how many hours you are willing to work on the days you are available; conversely, if you rely on public transportation, you may have to adjust the number of days you can work and try to make your schedule around the times you need to catch the bus or train to and from your job. Consider working weekends if working during the week is too hectic because of your busy days at school.


Finally, use your days off from work (as well as your break time when you are on the clock) to concentrate on your schoolwork so that you don't find yourself playing catch-up in school/