Dominique White


Location: London

"Dominique White’s work references the many nautical myths of the diaspora specifically associated with Black death, afterlife and the Kalunga line. Dominique combines her personal experiences of trauma and displacement with afro-pessimist views of the current and questions the sincerity of utopian notions of the future. She constructs artefacts using wood, kaolin, palm leaves and gold leaf which act as mediators between this reality and an alternative utopia.

Recent exhibitions and publications include: In Search of Our Mother's Garden (London, 2017), Our Sweet Souls (London, 2016) and Apogee Journal (New York, 2016). Dominique completed a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths in 2015 and she now lives and works in London. "


2017 TBA
2017 TBA, Artlicks weekend

2017 The Other'd Artist/s. Transmission, Glasgow (UK)
2017 12o Collective, online
2017 In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens, Copeland Park & Bussey Building, London (UK)
2016 Our Sweet Souls. Limbo, London (UK)
2016 Standing in the Shade. Mile End Pavilion, London (UK)
2015 Utopian Ja. Reception Gallery, online
2015 Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Degree Show. Goldsmiths, London (UK)
2014 Reception. DIG, London (UK)

Apogee Journal (2016)