Dominika Kieruzel

Location: Thamesmead, London

A visual and performance artist, working across media. A central focus of her work is contact. In a wide sense her work is often an attempt to be close to an object, a person, a place or herself and as such, it draws on the intimacy with the immediate environment and the everyday. Symbolism, colour, contemplation are some of the key words in her practice. Most recently her work developed in the direction of sound, conversation and improvisation. The idea of contact in the work of art becomes more complex when taking time into account and so it is impossible to treat any object as static - contact will always be a one of experience and eventually a form of dialogue.



12/2002 ‘Self Portraits‘, drawing and painting, PLSP Częstochowa, Poland
10/2002 Raku Ceramics, Group Exhibition, PLSP Czestochowa, Poland
12/2003 Solo Exhibition, drawing and painting, PLSP Częstochowa, Poland
06/2005 Final Show, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, PLSP Częstochowa, Poland
07/2005 Plain Air group exhibition, Painting, drawing, Lourdes, France
03/2007 ‘Pink‘, performance, public spaces in the city, Katowice, Poland
10/2007 ‘Dance‘, Performance, Arterie, Second Gallery, Katowice, Poland
12/2008 ‘Windows‘, Solo Exhibition, Painting, performance, installation, Chelsea College of Art and Design
06/2008 ‘Soul Box‘, First Year Final Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design
04/2009 ‘Mother‘, Public Space Performance, HKU Utrecht and Łódź, Poland
06/2009 ‘Mother‘ Film and Book Documentation, Erasmus Exchange Final Show, Das Bilt Gallery, Utrecht
01/2010 ‘Untitled (for dad)‘ film and performance, Interim Show, Chelsea college of Art and Design
06/2010 ‘End of Dreams‘, Performance and Video, Final Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design
07/2010 ‘Never...Nothing‘, Public Space Performances, Two Gardens Festival, Olsztyn, Poland
02/2011 ‘Ants‘, Performance, ICA Everything, ICA London
11/2012 ‘Sweet‘, Performance, New Crossed Out Performance Night, Amersham Arms, London
01/2013 ‘The Animal Therefore‘, Performance in collaboration with Eliza Soroga, New Crossed Out Performance Night, Amersham Arms, London
03/2016 ‘Suicide dreams‘, Short Theatre Piece, Open Studio, Goldsmiths, London
04/2016 ‘Innocence 2.0 Devastate‘, Performance and Audio Tour in collaboration with Sian Youngerman and Zoe Tsaff, Ridgeway along Southern Outfal Sewer, Plumstead, Abbey Wood and Crossness, London
06/2016 ‘The Way it Melts‘, Site Specific Road Trip and Dance Performance in collaboration with Tuuli Malla, Masters Festival, Goldsmiths University, coach and Ravensbourne River in Ladywell Fields, London
02/2017 ‘The Forest is Here‘, Performance with Tuuli Malla, London Bridge
08/2017 ‘Interview‘, Performance, Cable Street Studios Arts Festival, Jamboree, London
03/2018 ‘Sun In Your Eyes‘, Refusing to Play, Feminisms and Objectivity Group Cabaret night, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London


18/11/2016 Batcave, Brixton, London
03/12/2016 Copper Tap, Peckham, London
17/12/2016 Prince Regent, Brixton
18/02/2017 Amersham Arms, ‘Bitter Taste’, New Cross, London
24/03/2017 By Other Means, ‘Discoteque’ London
15/07/2017 Bankito Festival, Bank, Hungary
21/07/2017 Golya, Budapest, Hungary
02/03/2018 Stour Space, Hackney Wick, London
03/03/2018 Steamship, London