Dominic Virtosu

Location: Bucharest, Romania

My works are about exploring a visual universe marked by constantly playing with various symbols and iconic structures and by constantly creating new connections. For me they are about strangeness and eeriness and also about not knowing where the work will take me.

I am very interested in creating multidimensional compositional spaces with a focus not on how but rather on what is expressed. With this intention in mind I sometimes choose to play with the flat surface of the canvas by adding iterations and variations of other cut-up images, visual reminiscences and citations on top to create unexpected dimensionalities, stratifications, displacements and dialogues.


2016: “PAIN TING”, Politehnica University of Bucharest (painting)
2015: “Convergent”, Muzeul de Artă Vasile Grigore (drawing)
2015: “Here & Now”, ASE Bucharest (painting, print, drawing)
2011: “Color”- “Shift” Pub, Bucharest (painting)
2009: “Hau Uan Dăr Ful” - “Sigma” gallery, Bucharest (painting)
2009: “Dwarfs of colored joy” - Verde Cafe, Bucharest (painting and sculpture)
2006: “Paintings” - Art Jazz Club, Bucharest (painting)
2004: “Cats of War” - “Galeria” gallery, Bucharest (painting and drawing)
2001: “Paintings” - “Goethe” Institute, Bucharest (painting)