Deborah Tchoudjinoff


Location: London

Deborah Tchoudjinoff is intrigued by human-landscape entanglements; specifically how the term anthropocene might be understood outside the scientific community. As designer and artist she investigates complexities within its’ discourse by working in different mediums. Often the broad outcomes are experiential and material installations that consider alternative narratives. She studied Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.



2017 Showcase London Creative Network, Space Studios, London

2016 Psyterratica for Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness, Only the Light Can Do that, Lights of Soho, London

2016 Psyterratica for Creative Matters Exhibition at Oxo Bargehouse, Designersblock, LDF, London

2016 Memory Walks Exhibition at Changing Minds Festival, South Bank Centre, London

2016 Design Interactions Final show at the Royal College of Art, London

2015 Degrowth Work-In-Progress at the Royal College of Art, London

2014 Beneath the Surface Work-In-Progress at the Royal College of Art, London

2015 Pop up Biotechnominimarket exhibition with Extrapolation Factory, London

2007 This is ID Exhibition at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia