david mcsweeney



David McSweeney is a painter and printmaker whose subject matter is triggered by an emotional response to a time, a place or drawn from a travel experience. What initially began as a means of escape and a reflection upon the passage of time has lead to an exploration of one’s own existence within the natural world. His process is experimental, initially developing ideas on paper through a series of drawings and sketches. An internal journey takes place by exploring the memories which surface during the development of paintings and prints. Colour takes on the most significant role during the printmaking process as once the plates are completed they allow him to experiment with numerous colour variations further evoking an emotional response to these physical journeys or multiple plates allowing texture, mark making and layering play an integral role – chance elements emerge during this process which is a crucial characteristic of the medium. This in turn helps to determine the palette of colours and brush strokes used in his paintings. His intention is to question a solitary existence within nature, producing images that are at once both lyrical and poetic. The human form is purposefully removed from these images and yet they are very much about our affinity with nature. The fragility of nature is emulated by the wear and tear of the plates and each image produced is unique to that moment and time. The resulting prints and paintings lead the viewer to make his or her interpretations and make their own internal journey of discovery.