Davide Mantovani


Location: London

I live in London but I was born in Italy in the Po River Plain. I grew up surrounded by history, art and nature betweeen Sabbioneta and Mantova, two little cities in the middle of the Italian countryside.
The images and memories of this environment with his nature and old buildings always had a great influence on my works.

My educational background is in Architecture; I have a master degree at the Polytechnic University of Milan, but I always cultivated a passion for paiting and drawing since young age, frequenting the studio of a local artist. I learned my paiting techniques from private lessons with other painters in Italy and by observing them at work; and mainly of course with my own experience, experimenting and making mistakes.

My style is abstract and I love using texures and play with materiality. My art is very instinctive, happens in the moment without a pre-planning the end result. The paintings find their form through a stratification process, superimposing several layers and progressively choosing what to hide and what to reveal.


2017 - Palazzo Forti, Sabbioneta, Italy
2018 - Galleria Mortara, Mantova, Italy