David Manley


Location: London

Much of David's work has been sculpture and this informs his interest in texture. His influences are science fiction imagery and oriental writing which he experiences synaesthetically. It appears to him as a three dimensional, pictorial object as opposed to western alphabets which he thinks of as flat and without structure. Everyone is the sum of their parts and David's disability and his art are inextricably linked. When his dyslexia makes it difficult to communicate, he finds his voice and expression in his artwork.


'Annual Open #29', CGP Gallery - Southwark Park, Nov 2013
'The Unfamous Four' Brady Arts Centre Exhibition Space, September 2013
'Texture Four', InSpire, The Crypt - St Peter's Liverpool Grove, March 2013

'RE.ACTIVE', InSpire, The Crypt - St Peter's Liverpool Grove, February 2012