Location: London
Website: http://tulipsi.blogspot.com/

In my work human behaviour remains a constant and as a means of making connections between art, dress history, anthropology, psychology and sociology. Since graduating in 2008 I have been heavily involved in developing educational outreach projects and working with disengaged youth and adults with mental health in the Tower Hamlets area. Working closely with the more vulnerable in society has allowed me to cross-examine my own approaches within art that has allowed for an involvement with intergenerational groups with a focus on the extent to which art is an appropriate tool for developing relationships in the community.


London Transport Museum (2008-2009)
Creative Design In Transport (CDT) is a project I developed out of my MA in Fashion Curation and was successfully commissioned by the London Transport Museum. The project was designed to teach learners at key stage three and four the cultural significance of transport uniforms, through a cross-disciplinary examination of garment construction, transport and identity. Through a one day based activity, learners were given the opportunity to examine a handling collection and then required to design and make their own transport uniform using recycled materials. The project covered key stages 3 & 4 in design & technology of the national curriculum.
2011. International Women's Day as part of WOW at the Southbank, London. Photography.
2010. Freeze Festival at Battersea Power Station, London.
Acrylic on skateboard decks.
2010. Aspire outreach project exhibition held at Toynbee Hall, TowerHamlets London.
2009. Creative Particle Detective exhibition held at the Jago Gallery,Redchurch Street, London. Artist/Curator
2008. Royal Academy of Arts, MA show.
2007. Walk in the Wardrobe, group exhibition held at the Ada Gallery, London. Curator
2005. Tut Tut Tut exhibition held in Le Village, Viaduktbogen Plankegasse,CologneGermany.