Dagda London

Website: www.studiodagda.com

DAGDA came to existence as a result of combining three distinct minds with one whole vision. The brand, launched in 2013, took its place in East London, one of the most creative areas of the continent. The three designers behind DAGDA are bound, other than by a long dated friendship, by a common vision. Gaining academical experience in Italy, the three decided to move to a place where being different is more than accepted, it’s a plus. The eclectic versatility of this city has a great impact on the lives of the people living in it, and DAGDA has definitely numerous aspects of its city of birth. Diverse, quirky, ambitious, the brand’s personality is reflected in the bold aesthetic of it. The designers wanted the brand to have a loud and clear message of independence: "Be who you are, be who ever you want to be". Self expression is a key element of life, and fashion allows you to do so in a very direct way, without any need of spoken word. A substantial aspect of the brand’s image is this otherwordly feeling that comes out in every collection. "We always follow a feminine figure that embodies characteristics such as youth, irreverence, strength. A woman who is naive and endearing, who isn't afraid of anything, not even of showing her vulnerable side". One of the key strengths of the brand is the quality of its product, from textiles to manufacture to styling idea. Attention to details is fundamental, and every single piece guarantees a fresh design and an excellent quality, all UK produced, with ethical criteria and environment-friendly material.