AnnaMaria Pinaka & Jennifer Picken

Location: London, UK

Daddy I am a man is a collaborative project between AnnaMaria Pinaka and Jennifer Picken.

The collaboration began in March 2014, during a research residency in Amsterdam, where we were very generously awarded a New collaborations bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company in order to carry out the initial research.

Using mockery and play to explore our fantasies of masculinity and experimenting with ideas of reflection and seduction, we find pieces of ourselves inside the vulgarity and innocence of masculine and macho performativity. Through characters and role-play we explore aspects of masculinity that we find alluring, repugnant, decadent, problematic, and ones with which we hold close and readily identify within our own fantasies of masculinity.


Past exhibitions:

August 2014 - Deep Trash Italia #2 - Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, London, UK

August 2014 - Impuritans at Pure performance festival vol.2 - Trispace Gallery, London, UK

May/June 2014 - Queeristan 2014 Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands