David Richards


Location: London, Forest Gate
Website: www.davidb-richards.co.uk

I have lived in East London my entire life, which has had a massive impact on the subject matter of my artwork. My main perspective is from the eyes of working-class. I use many personal experiences for inspiration both positive and negative, from the things I have seen and dealt with growing up, to the observations between different cultures and social classes.

With a Fine art upbringing, I gained a BA (Hons) in Illustration at the University of Westminster in 2008.

My technique involves the layering of 200-300gsm card paper using glue and a mono-print roller to compress the card, thicknesses can reach up to 10-15cm. The image is then painted using mixed media and oil paints. The end result is a shallow-relief artwork presented on a 2D platform. This technique is inspired by my parents tough lifestyles from there home countries through to there migration to the UK in the late 70's.


2008 'MAD' Subterranean P3 Space, BA Illustration Degree Show, Marylebone
2007 'Inspired by Music' London Gallery West, University of Westminster, Harrow