Cristina Sabaiduc

Location: London, United Kingdom

Inspired by the coexistence of natural and industrial elements in our environment, Cristina Sabaiduc combines flowing and deconstructed silhouettes with innovative textiles to create her eponymous womenswear label. The juxtaposition of animate and manufactured elements in her collections has developed into an exploration of dualities—a visual commentary on relationship between the wearer of the garment and the ephemeral nature of the world in which we live.

Each Cristina Sabaiduc collection draws inspiration from creating something aesthetically beautiful from an unexpected source; a natural artefact or object overlooked as unappealing or undesirable. Cristina works with contrasting the comfort and ease of silk, alongside luxurious jerseys and more structural technical fabrics that have water repellency, abrasion resistance and cooling properties, amongst others. The signature prints are created through an analog photographic process in collaboration with Jo Holland. With her love for innovation, coupled with a timeless design aesthetic, Cristina Sabaiduc brings a quiet, yet powerful passion to her thought-provoking brand.


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