Conor Chignoli

Location: London

Conor Chignoli (b.1991) London born and based.

Having a strong interest in symbolism, I mainly use natural materials and favour materials I have sourced by hand. I feel that they are more tangible and carry with them their own symbolic weight.
By using naturally occurring materials and colours that people recognise, I believe I can encourage people to interact with the work by bringing their own language and symbolism to it. However, if people do not recognise the materials I hope that when they do experience them in their own lives they are reminded of the interaction with my work and it evokes a thought or feeling. Life imitating art.
The more I worked, the more paper stood out as something important, this vessel used to present peoples thoughts and ideas. I began exploring paper; how it was made, what it was made from and how I could present the paper itself as a piece of art in it's own right.
By marrying traditional techniques and materials with my own new ideas, I started to explore what made something 'paper'. This gave birth to the idea of creating paper from other materials such as crystal, marble, rock and river silt. Because of the materials used, these new papers already held more symbolic weight.
Presenting paper in different forms progressed as an idea and I began to use the marble paper I created to present ideas from mythology that interested me. These shared stories carried down through generations and holding meaning for people and their lives is something I hope to carry on with my artwork.
I hope to inspire some creative, radical thinking in people, particularly in regards to their natural surroundings so they can see things and interact in a more conscious way.


Solo Show - Church Street, Marylebone. 2017
Exhibition, Banana Cafe - Bordeaux. 2017
Group Show (past studio space in Cambridge Heath) - 2014/15
Group Open Studios ( The Chocolate Factory studios WoodGreen) - 2012/13