Clemence Hemard-Hermitant

Location: London

Clémence Hémard-Hermitant’s sculptures are very much about questioning our way of seeing and interacting with each other in a small scale environment. She works from clothes old folks used to wear such as tabards, old jackets, or patterned dresses; clothes that bear a story that belongs to the past. The clothes or rags are then wrapped around, or incorporated into the plaster becoming part of the body and impregnating it with its own history. She feels that once she’s re-used the textiles in this way the history or the story of the people they belonged to continues on. The idea in her work is not to do an exact representation of the human figure but to convey a posture that will question and capture the darkness that lies within human nature and that creeps up on us, that moment when a child goes from childhood to adulthood and realizes that families aren’t perfect or as they seem to be or that life isn’t always as expected.
She creates characters such as Ginette, Roger or Marcel to exteriorize her anxieties towards certain elements of life such as the ageing of loved ones, solitude, senility, the physicality of loss, depression but in a way that also humours it. All these characters are slightly grotesque, ridiculous, neither human nor animal but figures from her imaginary world. They hold a posture conveying an emotion and by their very presence reassuring to her. It’s a way of embracing them through the tender eye of a young child but also of revealing the darker side of life and human beings, with satire.


Essence, Arthub Gallery, Deptford.
University of East London Undergraduate Degree show, London.
No Barking Art, Espacio Gallery, London.
Forms of Subversion, Asylum Chapel, London.
Reverse Exit, AVA Gallery UEL, London.
Time, Art Auction, Cock ‘n’ bull Gallery, London.
Winter Pride, Tobacco Dock, London.
Winter Pride the next level at Office Sessions, East India Dock, London.
Light and Weight, The Rag Factory Gallery, London..
University of East London second year show, London.
Innominate, 5th base Gallery, London.
Horse Meat, Art Auction, Cock ‘n’ bull Gallery, London.
Discordia, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.
Film Stills, Art Auction, Ground Floor Left, London.
Alphapha, AVA Gallery, UEL, London.