Christina Shelagh Mongelli

Location: London

Christina Shelagh Mongelli (b.Athens, 1991) is an artist of Greek-English- Italian ethnicity working with analogue and digital photography, sculpture, moving image, installation, performance and sound. She completed her post-graduate Master’s of Fine Art studies from Slade School of Fine Art in London in 2019 with a distinction and prior to this attended Central Saint Martins (2011-2014) achieving First Class Honours Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. For her postgraduate studies she was awarded an academic scholarships from the Neon Organisation for Culture and Development in Greece and from the Schillizzi Foundation. After graduating from her Bachelor’s degree she was awarded the Clyde&Co award in 2014 and the Eaton Fund Award in 2015.

Her work seeks to juxtapose seemingly opposing temporal, spatial or geographical domains to experience what this relativity or between-ness may breathe. For her, movement between opposing ‘poles’, as an act of displacement and replacement, is one that redefines experience and perspective. These polar qualities can be found in her work in terms of materials and their state of matter, colour, pattern, scale, resolution, and movement. She uses glass sculptures that have visibly been exposed to fire next to glass screens that seem cold and distant. She uses the sea motif as it provides the viewer with a sense of an intangible abundance. The horizon is often present in her work as an impractical defining point that alludes to being reached; but one that remains equally distant the ‘closer’ you get. Resolution in her photographs, analogue or digital brings questions of distance and closeness, what is being omitted and what is visible, and the hierarchy of exposure in the digital age.


Selected Exhibitions

2019 Postgraduate Degree Show 2019
Slade School of Fine Art, London, United Kingdom

Resonance FM 'Slade Fam' Collaborative Live Broadcast
Resonance 104.4 FM, London, United Kingdom

2019 Fast Forward: Women in Photography
Slade Research Centre, London, United Kingdom

2019 Bite the Bullet
Barbican Arts Group Trust- ArtWorks Project Space, London United Kingdom

2018 Slade Interim Show
Slade Research Centre, London, United Kingdom

2015 Group Show/ Clyde& Co Awards
Clyde&Co, London, United Kingdom

2013 Print, Paint and Collage
Lauderdale House, London, United Kingdom

2012 To be confirmed
Curious Duke Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2012 'Now!'
The Portico Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2010 24- The Importance of Art Education
Athinais Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

Awards / Scholarships

2019 Academic Postgraduate Scholarship
Schillizzi Foundation, Athens, Greece

2017 Academic Postgraduate Scholarship
Neon Non Profit Cultural Organisation, Athens, Greece

2014 Clyde & Co Art Award
Clyde & Co, London, United Kingdom

Selected Performances

2019 Postgraduate Degree Show 2019
Slade School of Fine Art, London, United Kingdom

2017 Concert with Multicultural Choir
Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera, Athens, Greece

2017 Record Release Concert
'Buluki', Athens, Greece

2015 Concert with Ntountides
Musical Village, Agios Lavrentios, Greece

2015 Concert with Ntountides
Green House, Berlin, Germany