Christina Vasileiou

Location: London

I make intimate work expressed through performance installations and distinctive visual language in order to create affective experiences for participants and audiences. In my practice I explore practices of caregiving in broad and multi-layered perspectives: ‘making’ care as a teacher, as a woman and mother, as an artist, an immigrant. I employ feminist perspectives and often look into how ideas of domestic practices can be voiced and exposed in order to challenge patriarchal discourses.
In my practice, I ask questions such as: How is care practiced? How repetitive, mundane, creative, enduring, self-negating, frustrating or empowering may care be? What identities does care create and/or reproduce? Is the practice of care private and hidden from public view and why?

My latest performance piece PaperCare, devised on my caring experiences as a teacher, was presented in March 2018 as part of the Barbican Openfest.
As a participatory performance/theatre artist, I design and facilitate participatory events and workshops for communities, children and education professionals.
With them, I co-create devised and physical theatre that explores the concerns of their communities. Drawing on elements of my performance practice, my participatory practice also looks into sensory and ritualistic modes of making art with people.
Theatre workshops that I have designed and (co) facilitated have been presented at festivals and as course schemes (Sisters Academy-Denmark, Couldn’t Care Less Live Art Festival, Pre-registration nurses at Kingston University). I collaborate with PRUs in creating theatre with young people and estate-based theatre (New Directions PRU Newham, Immediate Theatre, Intercultural High School Athens). I have worked extensively with children in creating adaptations of plays or devised performances (latest examples include Mike Kenny’s The Boy with the Suitcase (2017), Aristophanes Peace (2016).
My work is scheduled to be performed in the summer and autumn 2018 with the Desperate Artwives at the Leyden Gallery, London.