Charlotte Anderson


Location: London

Hi I am a freelance photographer based in London, specialising in reportage, portrait and fine art photography. I have a love for life with my lens and have been lucky enough to travel to many countries with my camera letting me get ‘deeper’ into a life I otherwise would not have known about, doors have opened and experiences gained through this exchange of life and lens.

My work has a very human feel to it and my ability to relate and connect with the subjects I capture gives the work a depth and mood to it which is honest and even at times fun. I love colour, tone and light and find myself mixing these up to help create a strong flow in my work.

My interests range from the importance of equal human rights, with a special focus on womens’ issues, to the fantasy of the creative world we live in. People intrigue me in the way we live and connect with one another, from the tender connection of a mother and child to the challenges life can throw at you, they are all as valid as one another in life.


The Other Art Fair: Marylebone Road, London, 2012

Solo exhibition, Asha: Indar Pasricha Fine Arts, 22 Connaught Street, London, 2010

Solo Exhibition: Portobello Road, London, 2004