collette cahill


Location: Shirley, Croydon

My practice is focused around photography and video. The camera becomes an extension of my vision, seeing into places, I couldn't otherwise see, picking up details, and framing moments in a way that I can select the elements I instinctively feel are essential to compose a visual poem which reflects my experience and interpretation of that fragment of a moment in time.

Sometimes my work is very experimental and I like to play with drawing, painting and making sculpture as well. Most often my work is very conceptually driven.

I am driven by a strong curiosity about the changing world around me and I suppose that is most likely why I have been drawn to primarily use time-based media for my projects.

My most recent project was an exploration of the relationships between animals and humans in a contemporary, highly industrialized society. Previous to that I explored concepts of feminism, female sexuality and gender equality. This was quite experimental and involved the use of various materials, some sculpture, some photography and some painting.

I am a graduate from Winchester school of Art (University of Southampton) Prior to my degree, I completed a one year Art and Design Foundation diploma at Croydon College, where I used video and photography to explore my curiosity about dreams, their meaning and possible purpose.


1. Squieze Show at the Barge House, London, South Bank - July 2013
2. Degree Exhibition at WSA (University of Southampton) -June 2013
3. 53 degrees at New School House Gallery, York - July 2011