Carl Anderson


Location: London

Carl Anderson’s practice is underpinned by a focus on the things we fill our world with, and why we do so. He is often influenced by materiality and taste, our engagement with objects and how interior space can be significant in shaping our identities. In particular, domestic objects, as items we contend with and handle everyday, help to form a material narrative of our lives.

He finds interest in the relationships between the familiar and unfamiliar, domestic and the industrial, functional and functionless. His practice often involves processes of transformation which are not entirely predetermined.

By transforming everyday objects through use of colour, scale, and material, Carl Anderson aims to create objects that become layered with context and are capable of triggering multiple associations, whilst also maintaining a level of aesthetic pleasure.

Carl Anderson was born in Brighton, England in 1990. He studied Architecture at Central Saint Martins before transferring to the Architectural Association. He later completed a Fine Art Foundation at City College Brighton. He currently lives in Peckham, London.


'Honey, I'm Home' A217 Gallery, London, 27th April - 10th May 2017.

WhyNot Launch, The Clock, Marlyebone, London. March 2017.

CHROMA: Green Issue, Art Hub Gallery. Deptford, London. November 2016.

FLUX Exhibition. Brick Lane, London. November 2016

Chrom-Art #Tribe16. Bermondsey, London. September 2016

WAE Summer Exhibition. London. July 2016

City College Group Show. Brighton. 2012