Carl Hyde

Location: Southeast London

My name is Carl Hyde, I'm a photographer based in South London.
I have spent several years photographing some of the top names from the world of jazz as the house photographer for Ronnie Scotts.
Most of my time is spent photographing some of the world's most talented musicians. This is the world of jazz.
It's a world that can be misunderstood, though, if you're in that world you're there for the love, not the money, fortune or fame. It's possibly one of the most underfunded forms of music in the UK.
As well as jazz, I love portraits and studio still life. Working on my own personal projects I find a real connection with the people I photograph, I want to unstandardised them. I want them to share their life with me in the way their faces read. The way the light reflects from each and every line on their face. I want the viewer to read my portraits as faces with a story to tell.


I have an exhibition of my jazz work on display at Ronnie's Bar, above Ronnie Scotts in Frith Street, London.