Cai Ritson

Location: London

Ritson is a London based artist. She is primarily interested the presence of the digital human online, and its relationship with the physical corporeality as both an individual and social artefact. She employs performances, text and sculptures to attempt to locate the origin of shame and desire within both the corporeal and the digital body. In hope to answer the question: what makes us who we are in the digital age.

Recent work focus on online dating, with outcome of her own experience conveyed through stand-up comedy and participatory performances. Her participatory work often provides to the audience a context framed by a series of rules and a given duration, within which the audience is encouraged to contemplate on their own behaviours and interactions. The artwork is documented via contents on social media tagging the artist online, in a scattered authorship of then uploading audience/witness.


July 2015, ‘UAL Philosophy Society End of Year Show’, The Hawkhurst Vault, London, Curator: Anna Dakin
May,2015,’WWW.LOVE.XXX’, The rag Factory, London, Curator: Hanqing Miao
Nov 2013,’1800’, Chelsea College of Art, London, curator: Georgia Dennison
July 2013, 'Brouhaha', SIXONESIX Gallery (Changing Spaces), 6-16 King Street, Cambridge. curator: Nancy Allen