Location: Grays, Essex
Website: www.buddinton.co.uk

I was born and raised in East London, I've attended creative courses at colleges, but I am mainly a self taught artist when it comes to my drawing. Up until around 3 years ago I did not share my artwork in any public space, physical or online. I work in paint and ink more often than not, primarily drawing for the enjoyment of the practice, whilst also exploring issues of mental health and transformation. I recently spent a year living in Eastbourne, where I held a studio, volunteered at DC1 Gallery, begun practicing collagraph prints, and held my first solo Exhibition, a week long live drawing residence.


Art Box - Mirth, Maud and Marvel - August 2017
After Dark - DC1 Gallery - November 2018
Print Room Exhibition - DC1 Gallery - February 2019
Solo Exhibition/Week long live drawing residence - DC1 Gallery - March 2019
Resilience - Croydon Venue TBC - July 2019