Bruce Lovelock

Location: London

Bruce Lovelock is a multi-disciplinary artist working from the Bow Arts Studios in East London.
His work incorporates Oil and/or Acrylic paint, household objects, toys, film, flesh, found images, pencils, felt tips and whatever else comes to hand.

The works often begin from collections of found imagery and objects, which are bound together in rough collages or as sculptural objects. From these primary itterations a journey of metamorphosis begins whereby 3d forms are reiterated into paintings, installations or stop frame animations.

Recent Paintings converse with both the abstract and the figurative allowing reflection on both reality and the world of imagination; a carefully explored juxtaposition that’s tension creates not only a duality, but also confirms the notion of an act of transformation within the work.

By building a language of re-occurring objects and motifs - including faceless or masked children, Doctors/Nurses and Pinnocchio like figures who interact with dismembered or reconfigured objects, traps, teddy bears, dolls, soothers, chupa chups, animal entrails, fishing hooks and syringes The artist creates a visual landscape of conflicting signs and signifiers that invite the viewer to enter troubling, confused or ridiculous nightmare-like narratives

These recent paintings are faux monochromatic, black and white or burnt umber can be seen as reminiscent of old movie stills and try to convey a sense of horror, nostalgia, memory or disquiet that is disrupted by occasional shapes of remodelled advertising logos/cartoons or flashes of bright colour.
Areas of the paintings are disfigured, removed or altered in paint and pencil. The act of drawing over the paintwork with a series of dashes, grids or new outlines becomes significant, creating new pictorial possibilities and points of entry to the unexplained narratives.


Flock2 - Stoke Newington Library Gallery - London 23rd-24th February 2013
Greatest Hits - Cultivate - London - 30th August - 11th September 2012
Candy Mountains - Arbiet Gallery - London - 25th-30th October 2011
Little Benefits - Cultivate - London - 20th-30th October 2011