Brittany Hendry

Location: Camden

Originally a dual citizen between Canada and the United States I have been accustomed to mixed media art throughout my life. My main genre is collage/mixed mediums. I will be moving to London in the winter season. I look to expand my understanding of visual arts, art history, and further expand my portfolio of art curation.
I view my art as sociopolitical by serving a purpose regarding its social context speaking largely on globalization and Americanization. The intention of my art is to encourage conversations about heavy topics that Are often misconstrued or misunderstood due to poor portrayal of mainstream media.
I believe all art should be relevant to the time in which it's created whether on a personal or historical level. I strive to make positive impacts in the community through creating my art, facilitating safe/positive environments, hosting exhibitions that focus on social themes as well as connecting communities.
I believe art should be accessible to all members of the community, and therefore removing the stigma that 'fine art' is only deserving of the wealthy populations.


Previous Exhibitions:
In Contempt of Art (featured and curated) 2016 • Blank canvas Gallery (Toronto)
Special Edition Dead Poet (curated) 2016 • Blank Canvas Gallery (Toronto)
Bubbly Salon Show (featured and curated) 2016 • Blank Canvas Gallery (Toronto)
Special Edition Dead Poet (curated) 2017 • Blank Canvas Gallery (Toronto)
The Freak Show (curated) 2017 • Blank Canvas Gallery (Toronto)
The Classics (curated) 2017 • Private Location (Toronto)
The Artist Experience ( curated) 2017 • Blank Canvas Gallery (Toronto)