Brett Banks

Location: East London

I work primarily in Stone and Wood, taught initially by way of adult education classes for Wood carving and workshops with Zimbabwean Sculptors for Stone carving.
For the Stone Sculptures, the inspiration comes mostly from looking at the raw stone, playing with it to see what emerges and sometimes by way of a 'happy accident', which happens due to an internal fault and the stone splits. Whereas with wood its the grain which you have to contend with.


E17 Arts Trail 2013-2015
Leytonstone Arts Trail 2012-18
Incognito at the Stone Space, E11 2015
Incognito at the Courtyard Gallery, Hertford 2015
Sculptures In the Garden, part of the Highams Park Festival, 2015

Forest at Fill the Cap Gallery, E11 2015
Forest at Christ Church E11 2015