Betül Aksu

Location: London

Betül is an artist and researcher based in London. Currently, she is a PhD student who is interested in interactive text in digital art. Having a background in Language and Communication Technologies, she researches on reading comprehension and interaction design. She writes and collects stories, and turns them into installations. Her installations engage spectators in interpreting the meaning-making process of literary art in digital performance.


In Conversation, Betül Aksu with Squidsoup, Audiovisual Installation, exhibited at Across the Line, Zorlu Performing Arts Center, İstanbul, Turkey (2017)
Altcity İstanbul, Digital Arts Residency, Zorlu Performing Arts Center, İstanbul, Turkey (2017)
Her Eyes Under The Bridge, Performative and Site-responsive Experiments led by Tara Fatehi Irani, Live Art Development Agency, London (2017)
Revealing the Reader, Interactive Installation, curated for The Culture Capital Exchange at Somerset House, London (2016)
From Dada To Java, short documentary, exhibited at Intersections, Mile End Art Pavilion, London (2016)
Hand Me Down, Interactive Installation, exhibited at Dorkbot London #90 (2015), Intersections, Mile End Art Pavilion, London (2016)
The Picture of Meaning: Recaptured, Interactive Installation, demonstration at Media and Arts Technology Centre, London (2015)
Exhibited at annual photography exhibitions at Hacettepe Photographers’ Club, Ankara (2009-2013)