Location: Manor Park
Website: www.bernieclarkson.co.uk (Presently out of use)

I am an oil painter living in Manor Park, London after finishing a degree and a Masters at Newcastle University. The basic theme behind my work is 'figure in the landscape' and the material content of the paint as well as the visual content of the painting is evolving and developing all the time. The American painter Richard Diebenkorn and the Bay Area Artists are a huge influence on my work.


• 2005, Paris, Le Vesinet, (Group Show)
• 2006, Paris, Le Vesinet, (Group Show)
• 2007, House Exhibition with photographer Sophie Pickard
• 2007, Long Gallery, Newcastle University with Tom Knowles
• 2008, Newcastle Building Society (Group Show)
• 2008, Long Gallery, Newcastle University with Tom Knowles
• 2009, Artworks Gallery, Newcastle (Group Show)
• 2009, Baring Gallery, Newcastle (Group Show)
• 2009, Saltburn Artist’s Gallery (Group Show)
• 2009, Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick (Group Show)
• 2010, Long Gallery, Newcastle University (one other artist)
• 2010, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University (Group Show)
• 2011, Newcastle Building Society (Group Show)
• 2011, Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle University (Solo space within a group show)
• 2011, Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick (Group Show)
• 2011, King’s Place Gallery, London (Group Show)
• 2011, Birdcage Gallery, Newcastle (Group Show)
• 2012, Long Gallery, Newcastle University (Solo Show)
• 2013, Chelsea Town hall (Group Show)
• 2014, Inky Cuttlefish, Walthamstow (Group Show)
• 2015, Degree Art, Shoreditch. (Group Show)
• 2015, The Makers Yard, Walthamstow (Group Show)
• 2015, St John’s Church, Leytonston (Group Show)
• 2015, The Cornerstone, Leytonstone (Group Show)