Timotej Baca

Location: Camberwell
Website: timotejbaca.com

I'm a filmmaker based in South London and graduate of University of the Arts London. In my first year at university, my first short was screened as a college wide exhibition “Beyond 2001: New Horizons” celebrating 2001: A Space Odyssey. In my second year, I was Director of Photography on a short film, Mezzanine, which screened at the film festival section of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Manchester Kino International Film and Animation Festival.
In my third year, I received The Royal Female School of Art Foundation (RFSA) Final Year Award 2019-20 for the completion of my final major project, a fifteen-minute short film set in 90s Belfast. My work is focused on exploring modern masculinity and intergenerational trauma, from a point of view which I hope is authentic and complex.


Beyond 2001: New Horizons, an exhibition at LCC that celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the ASCC, and features work by staff, students and invited artists across academic disciplines which was inspired by material from the making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Nightpiece Film Festival (Edinburgh Fringe Film Festival) - Director of Photography on a psychological horror film dealing with split personalities and gaslighting.