Angela Alexander-Lloyd


Location: Edinburgh Scotland

Angela graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone with a first-class honours in Fine Art. Her interest in expressing the ephemeral nature of the human condition, has driven her practice for nearly a decade. The exploration of the human condition and her personal experiences have proven natural bed fellows, forming the bedrock of her practice. Widowed young, her compulsion is to create work that explores human frailty and the resultant cycle of loss. Angela’s practice is equally concerned with the current world wide mental health endemic, that is often associated with unresolved grief and the impact of contemporary living on the emotional state. Work is created with the intention of engaging the viewer at a direct and intense level with the objective of raising awareness and dialogue. She passionately believes that pieces created with this aspiration, can provide an empathetic discourse between artist and viewer and as such has the potential to provide a catalyst for critical reflection. Whilst the work resonates from her own understanding, she explores her concepts in the philosophies of the existentialist philosophers. Her research driven practice examines other fields out with philosophy, drawing on current academic debate in psychology, sociology and anthropology, with relevant contextualising in terms of current and historic art genres. In terms of placement, Angela views herself as a socially-engaged practitioner, creating work for and with the intention of stimulating dialogue with the general public. Whilst she has achieved credible success in exhibiting in gallery environments both nationally and internationally, she aspires to connect with audiences out with this social context. Angela's creative vocabulary encompasses many mediums, enabling a liberated expressive response and the artist continues to leave her practice open to experimentation. To date pieces have included video, installation, performance, sound and found objects. The universal sentiment and concerns of her pieces have received recognition through numerous International exhibitions.


B#War International Art Festival. Palazzo Reale, Genova, Italy. Nostos Algos installation. Details to be confirmed (2018).

B#War International Art Festival. Vanitas exhibition. Treviso, Italy. April 2017 - May 2017. Nostos Algos installation.

Cruising by night. Stadskantine. Alkmaar, Netherlands. August 2017 - October 2017. 1:100,000 and "if" installations.

Kunsthal 45 Gallery . Salt and Sea. Den Helder, Netherlands. July 2017 - August 2017. Doop and 1:100,000 installation and artist talk.

Fringe Art Bath Festival. Bath, England. May to June 2017. if performance/installation and artist talk.

44AD Gallery. Bath, England. June 2017. Punctum video screening.

Society of Scottish Artists. 122nd AGM. Edinburgh, Scotland. March 2017. Punctum video screening.

Duizend Bommen Kunsthal 45 Gallery. Den Helder, Netherlands. March 2017 - May 2017. Nostos Algos video and Matricide installations.

Whitechapel Gallery first Thursdays, DAW interventions Leyden Gallery, London, England. March 2nd 2017. Matricide sound piece installation.

Night Visuals Cabaret Voltaire Cinema. Edinburgh, Scotland. February 25th 2017. Nostos Algos and Punctum. Cinema screenings.

From Prague with Love, Vol.1 : Syrian Solidarity. Obejvak, Prague. December 2016. Nostos Algos video installation.

Transart Triennalle 2016, The Imperceptible Self: London Biennalle Pollination. Manilla, Philippines. September 2016 Punctum Video installation.

8MANA, Digital Wasteland, Leeds, England. September 21st 2016. Punctum cinema screening.

Kulturhuset Bronden, Brondby Strand, Denmark. August/September 2016 Punctum video projection.

Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival. Chicago, USA. Performing the portrait. June 2016. Punctum video projection.

Landshut, Global Village. Germany. June 2016. Punctum video projection and artist talk.

Global Village. Honig-factory. Koog a/d Zaan, Netherlands. May 2016. Punctum video projection.

PerfoArtNet International Biennial of Performance. Columbia. May 2016. Punctum video Projection.

DJCAD. Emerging talent. Dundee, Scotland. May 2016. Punctum installation.

Dundee Contemporary Arts. Showreel. Dundee, Scotland. May 2016. Punctum cinema screening.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Edinburgh, Scotland. January-May 2016.“Bad Entertainment” “The Untitled” A collaboration between Fine Art students, National Galleries outreach team and young people in deprived areas.

Arc Gallery. A touch of the blues exhibition. Chicago, USA. February 2016. Vanitas video projection.

Society of Scottish Artists, Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy. Edinburgh, Scotland. January 2016. Edinburgh. Special evening performance of “if” installation and artist talk.

Café Mort, Lost for Words Exhibition. Falmouth University. Falmouth, England. January 2016 . if installation.

Society of Scottish Artists, Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy. Edinburgh, Scotland. December 2016. Performance of if installation.

“Home” Collaboration with residents of Shelter. Rose angle. Dundee, Scotland. December 2015.

Generator. Cubed Exhibition. Dundee, Scotland . March 2015. Several pieces including the video triptych Being present and other sculptural and installation work.

Neon Digital Arts Festival. Dundee, Scotland. November 2014. Tryptic video projection installation Selfie.

Caird Hall if Installation. Dundee, Scotland. December 2014

interAction(s) Exhibition. DJCAD Matthew Cabinet, Dundee, Scotland. June 2014 Matricide a found object piece.