Anna Walker

Location: London

Anna Walker PhD, an artist, writer and researcher has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She was awarded an MA in Fine Art from Southampton University in 1998, and a certificate in Psychotherapy from CBPC, Cambridge, in 2010. An interest in the effects of trauma on the body, developed during her work as a psychotherapist, led her to a PhD in Arts and Media at Plymouth University in 2017, which she was awarded in May 2017. She is a contributing researcher of Transtechnology Research. Her research balances the autoethnographic with the critical, utilising personal experiences to facilitate a greater understanding of trauma and its wider cultural implications. Her research is an exploration of the moral, ethical, and political implications of experiencing trauma, using practice-based arts: incorporating text, photography, moving image and sound installation.


Recent Exhibitions

June 2018 ‘Shame and its consequences: mapping shame through the body after a traumatic rupture.’ Performance Trauma and Victimhood conference, IAS, Common Ground, UCL, London.
May 2017 ‘Six Fragments,’ (2014-2016), ‘Remembering,’ (2015-2016), Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth University. PhD final showing of work.
April 2017 ‘Remembering,’ 17 minutes, moving imagery; ‘Future Imperfect Symposium’, Scott Building, Plymouth University.
Jan 2017 Walk II, a 4.26-minute sound piece; ‘Voice and Identity: Touches, Textures, Timbres’, University of Winchester.
June 2016 ‘Six Fragments,’ (2014-2016), ‘Remembering,’ (2015-2016), Work in Progress: Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth University.
July 2015 ‘Falling’, (2014) ‘Ghost-walk,’ (2015), The Undivided Mind Symposium, Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth University.
Sept 2015 ‘The Dead’, (2015), locative sound artwork, ARTIST ROOMS Gerhard Richter: Plymouth Museum and Arts Gallery