Himali Singh Soin

Location: London
Website: http://art.gold.ac.uk/exhibitions2015/mfa/pages/soin_himali/01.php

Himali makes art inspired by the relationship between literature and the planet, exploring earthly desire as fantastical, extra-terrestial, sub-oceanic, trans-continental, nephological, avian, bovine, ornithological, xeno-archeological, horological, toponomical, topological, tautological, morphological. She makes poems and essays, published variously and worldwide.


Fabrika (Summer 2016), Moscow
Lumen Studios (April 2016), London
UCL (April 2016), London
Mosaic Rooms (April 2016), London
Birth Rites (March 2016), Manchester
Dhaka Art Summit (Feb 2016), Dhaka
Chalton Gallery (Jan 2016), London
GRAD Gallery (Jan 2016), London
Laughter and Forgetting (October 2015), Bucharest
After Projects (Sept 2015), London
Sector 2337 Film Festival (July 2015), Chicago
Pi Artworks (July 2015), London
Ha Ha Gallery (July 2015), Southampton
Large Glass Gallery (March 2015), London
Khoj / Clark House Initiative (Dec-Jan 2014), Delhi / Bombay
Kona (December 2013), Delhi
Devi Art Foundation (December 2012), Delhi