Artmossphere Studio

Location: Mosocw, Russia

Artmossphere studio is a creative association, which curates various art projects, exhibitions and festivals, connected with street art. Artmossphere brings together established and upcoming artists from all over the world. As a result their team work appears and go up city monumental wall painting collection. Besides city murals events program includes exhibitions, lectures of curators and managers of street art festivals, city installations, workshops and round table talks with participating artists.


LGZ street art festival 2013, Moscow, Russia
1st Moscow street art biennale Artmossphere 2014, Russia
Public art programme VDNKH 2015, Moscow, Russia.
The exhibition Contingencies. Dmitry Aske, Alexey Luka, SatOne, Finsta. RuArts Foundation, 2015, Moscow.
METAFORMS expo in Modern Art Centre MARS, Moscow, 2016.
2. Moscow street art biennale 2016, Russia.
ARTMOSPHERE art-маrket in department store «Tsvetnoy», Moscow, 2016.