Gaye Russell


Location: Richmond London UK

British born, Brazilian in dance, performer, with a heated stripe of Latin blood, I feel Carnival in my veins. That is what drives me. Returning to painting after injury, this is the next phase of my expressive art works.

Always painted by the rules at school, stopped, then expressed that inner frustration in vibrant colours. Resisting conventions, I push through winces of self-flagellation, to create more pieces that take on a thread of past and present. Draw inspiration from nature's many twist and turns, in abstract expressionism. Most recent works are an eclectic mix of formless mixed medias. Never planned, totally responding to an urge to paint, melting amorphous edges of pain , pushing to keep moving. I sense the internal torment, unfairness in the world, so respond with my feelings in brushstrokes, finger prints, sponges, paper, plastic...

Petrol fascinates my curiosity , causing countries to sever links, steal and maim. Poetry accompanies my work, to comment as an onlooker, hurt by global greed, atrocities that are not my property. Through my pieces I aim to bring peace through each gesture. Gaye Russell


Richmond Adult Community College, December 2016 First Solo Exhibition as a Disabled Artist