Antony Stephenson


Location: West Midlands

To me visual communication – in illustration & design – has often been about the challenge of paradoxes; aesthetics vs. functionality or minimalism vs. chaos, and still visual communication is (as well as playing football) the most transcendental thing I’ve stumbled upon in life. It’s a constant excuse to stay curious, learn something new and to interact with and observe society, media and people in general. And somewhere in between that I focus on the details, the process and keeping it simple.

With foundation in studies at the Norwich University of Arts, I navigate in visual communication with an academic approach to research and use of method. To be able to design unique solutions that are tailored to product or customer. I think it’s important to go in depth with the values, history and analysis to find the right approach and solution. In the execution phase I value quality and simplicity high. I appreciate the tactility in the printed media and I’m encouraged by the innovation and creatively of the digital world.

I am passionate about my profession and I feel comfortable in a dynamic and constantly changing environment in which shifting perceptions are possible. I enjoy life, and I feel privileged to work with anaesthetics and communication every day.


• New Designers 2016 – The Business Design Centre, Islington, London – July 2016
• Final Degree Show 2016 – Norwich University of the Arts – June 2016
• ‘Reader’ – Norwich University of the Arts – December 2015
• ‘Stories From The Achieves’ – Norfolk Heritage Centre and Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library, Forum, Norwich – June 2015
• Foundation Art & Design Degree Show 2013 – Coventry University School of Art & Design – June 2013

• ‘Ligature’ (in collaboration with Liza Blackman - University of East Anglia Writer) – Norwich University of the Arts - February 2016