Anthony Stark

Location: London

The physicality of 35mm Slide film is the most crucial aspect of my practice. The analogue editing process holds a nostalgic notion with a refusal to use contemporary mediums. Heightened through the use of 35mm slide projectors, unlike digital media, my work has a sense of permanence. This suggests that every action and decision must be well considered beforehand.
An object in it’s own right, my slides and projectors reference the entire history of the cinematic form. This aspect distinguishes my work from the digital equivalent which can feel removed from its ancestry.
The histories behind the images in my compositions are an important part of the works story as the photographs taken are dated. Like the work of an archaeologist, I uncover and examine the content within the body of material and select the relevant images to be used. This is the first stage of my process. The selected images then have an importance, in being a few of many. Due to this method, my work can be seen as a reaction to a large body of material.
My compositions depict contrasting scenes from a variety of sources unique in both time and place. The gaps and edges that occur due to the layering process, as well as the dust and scratches from age add to the individuality of the work. By layering contrasting images I create works that question perspective, history and the frame of reference.
Anthony was born in Devon, studied Fine Art at Buckinghamshire New University and lives and works in London.


• 2014 | ‘Reddotshow’ - Buckinghamshire New University
• 2014 | ‘A4 Exchange’ - Angelika Studios, High Wycombe
• 2014 | ‘Introduction’- Buckinghamshire New University
• 2013 | ‘Delineation’ Buckinghamshire New University
• 2013 | ‘Art Yobs’ - Bicester
• 2011 | ‘5th Plinth Exhibition’ - Buckinghamshire New University