Annarita Papeschi


Location: London

FLOW Architecture is a London based architectural design and research practice, founded by Annarita Papeschi and Vincent Nowak in 2013.

At the core of FA’s agenda lays the commitment to develop unique contemporary designs built around an ethos of innovation and beauty. Finding inspiration in the dynamism and complexity of natural organisations FA’s designs explore the intersection of computation¬ally driven design processes and craft to deliver tailored and holistic design solutions. We are particularly active at the urban scale where we actively engage with Big Data and digital design technologies to explore novel alternatives to conventional participatory practices.

We actively engage with research practice through architectural prototypes and mixed-media installations. INTERTWINED was part of the London Architecture Festival 2016. Developed with the use of motion-tracking and algorithmic design techniques, INTERTWINED is a task-based game of movement that by engaging the visitors in a choreographed spatial experience explores the identity of the local community and the relationship to their changing environment.

We were recently awarded 3rd prize on the international competition for the Tallinn Biennale pavilion. Our entry BREATHE! proposes a set of urban-scale ventilated bio-filters that, by exploiting the ability of perennial creepers to absorb airborne particles and gasses produced by the passing vehicles, aim to significantly enhance the air quality of the lively pedestrian area in front of the main Estonian Centre of Architecture.

Our first built architectural project, the Courtyard House, consists in the complete refurbishment and extension of a Victorian end-of-terrace house in Kensington, including an entirely new organisation and cutting-edge design features. The project has been on-site since 2015 and is due for completion in 2017.