Location: London
Website: https://www.behance.net/annamariamichela86

Annamaria was born in İtaly in 1986. She enrolled at Fine Arts Academy of Lecce (Italy),
where she studied Painting and Contemporary Arts. Following her time there, she continued her studies on an undergraduate course in Graphic Design, which resulted in an experimental thesis on the translation of sound into images. This thesis was titled 'Sound and Sign: Graphic consıderation through the analysis of the creative processes'


26 Nov- 26 Dec 2010 – attending at the exhibition in the rooms of the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Second
Edition of the Collective Exhibition entitled The earth needs people realized with the Artist of fine Arts
Academies of Italy. With the work Pictorial "Loneliness takes shape"
Jun- Dec 2012 – Attending Publication "Via Francigena: paths of faith and commercial tourism" (a edited by
Anna Trono) illustrations Seeing and being seen, in the forest of the belvedere.
Oct- Jun 2013 - Certificate for the qualification for the exercise of Tourist Guide _ Province of Lecce
Department of tourism and territorial marketing.
20 Sep – 16 Nov 2014 - Biennial of Young Photographers Same but different.
22 Jan 2014 - Acquisition of Works for the permanent exhibition within the court of Lecce, "Representation of
Justice in the Works of Young Artists", by pictorial works July 19, 1992", "July 21, 1992.
Jun – Dec 2014. Attending at publishment of the catalog "The Church of San Lorenzo in Sogliano Cavour",
illustration as documentation of the restoration of the Church of San Lorenzo. 2015 -
19-20 Jan 2017. Attending Workshop with Francesco Arena, Methodology of creative process. Studio visit.