Anna minchell


Location: Peckham, London.

Anna Minchell (b.1994) A recent graduate From Chelsea college of arts looks at the unresolved boundaries between textiles and art. As a
designer she does not have a core craft practice, but considers her skills lying
in her process, and her materiality.

"In my Recent Project, I looked at how The experience of
the museum changes the Art. Focus is upon not what is happening inside
the art piece but inside the museum, I addressed this 'layer' that
museums put over the work through their nature of display by playing
upon it, using elements of display, as the focus upon my work. I grew
increasingly intrigued by the Gift shop, and their role within the
museum, countless postcards, buyable mini artworks. Famous artworks
printed on cushions, coasters, tea-towels and display elements which are
mirrored within the museum itself. The gift shop itself at times become a
mini buyable Museum. I want to develop my current thinking by
addressing and playing upon the gift shop. From a Degree in textiles, I
want to use this materiality to play upon the gift shops nature of display
and use of textiles to address the use of a gift shop and the connection
between the museum and the shop.
Furthermore, another element I want to explore is, I have not got titles
for my work. Should I give my work titles? Does that then make my work
a piece of art rather than a piece of textiles?"


Ado- Inland Studios - December 2016
Tap Top- Stormbird - June 2016