Anita Kutsarova

Location: London

The source of my inspiration and artwork flows from my interests in sketching garments, constructing and cutting patterns and fabrics in my early teenage years. My creativity and curiosity, as well as the opportunity to work with a variety of materials, textures, forms and colours stimulated me to challenge myself and develop new ideas. As part of the creative process, I started using butterfly forms and structures in my design sketches until the butterfly became a symbolic pursuit within my early works. The interpretation of butterfly as a symbol of transformation unfolded my interest in experimenting with ink on paper and pushed me into further artistic stretch and endeavours.
My education in Fine Art was a transformational journey where I rediscovered myself and my creativity. The inspirational transformation of the butterfly became the clear link between my artwork and my subconscious desire for challenge and fascination. My early paintings explore movements and transformations in the nature, presented in pure and bright colours within geometric and natural forms. They symbolise my search and experiment within reality and fantasy.
My present creative artwork represents an on-going exploration through variety of techniques, materials and combination of art forms. It embodies my fascination with construction, form and structure and my constant search of innovative and unique effects. My latest works express my creative vision though the application and mix of acrylic, ink, gesso and spray paint.
As my artwork and inspiration continue to evolve, I am confident that I am best able to express my vision and creativity through art, and thus inspire others.