Location: Stratford, London
Website: www.pantheradesigns.com

Hi, I’m Anisa, a free-spirited freelance photographic artist & designer, seeker of knowledge, and being with a neverending curiosity who hails from the awesome city of London. To me this is more than just design; it's art - the creation of an array of well thought out pieces to form a conscious collective, living * breathing entity that becomes your brand. Through my photography, art & design, the aim is to create authentic expression of what you and your brand represent and to create what people really resonate with.

My goal is to facilitate the true expression of humans, artists, movements, and brands - to inspire and help people to express their creativity. I believe that when people are creative that they are expressing their most authentic selves. I aim to work towards this vision and achieve creative expression of other artists in everything that I do; in my artwork, design, and photography. When people see your passion, they want to become a part of it.

You need to connect with your audience by conveying your story through every element and every piece of collateral to create an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience. Your customers need to feel the vibe of your brand and its values through each piece of communication that you put out, and that's what I do.

​I work to create timeless desire, bringing the unexpected and making impact through the complete brand experience, from powerful identities to multi-sensorial worlds. Just as music gives you a feeling, I set to create visuals, collateral, and artwork that expresses and compliments other art forms to create an atmosphere for you/your brand to truly exist in its intention and leave a footprint on the world. Translating emotion and energy through a process of creative transformation, every creation becomes an evolved rebirth.

Everyone is creative, and creativity has a different meaning for everybody. Creativity is just doing what you want to do, no boundaries, no expectations - my designs and photography are just that.