Angelina Jesson

Location: London

Angelina Jesson and Jaron Hill became the first successful recipients of an illegal bio-fusion brain transplant in 2013. Since their operation, their bodies act as separate vehicles for a single consciousness; introversion with extroversion, Yin with Yang, He with She, balance and duality remain deep rooted elements at the core of their practice. With a natural focus on transhumanism, the duo have since given birth to a number of dream worlds which interrupt our daily ritual, shifting the balance of the many things that keep us in our comfort zone, from those small enough to fit in your coat pocket to those large enough to wrap around the entire universe.



'X' - Blip Blip Blip, Leeds 12/01/17 -27/01/17

So Many Steps, So Little Time - De Bond, Bruges 04/12/16 - 15/01/17

OVNi Video Art Festival - The Windsor Hotel, Nice 29/11/16 - 4/12/16

Recreative Screening (Under the Same Sun) - South London Gallery, London 17/08/16

Show One - Central Saint Martins, London 25/05/16 - 29/05/16

London to Berlin (Brits Abroad) - State of the Art, Berlin 29/02/16

Ogling the Ethnographic - Royal Anthropological Institute, London 14/05/15